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sailing yacht Today's privately owned sailing yachts typically range in length from 20 to 46 feet.  Depending upon whether the owner intends to use it for racing or for cruising, a sailing yacht can have sparse accommodations or can be quite luxurious.  Sailing yachts can be monohull, which means a centerboard or fixed keel below the water's surface is used for stability, or they can be multihull, which means they have two or more hulls for stability.

There are four basic types of sailing yachts:  day sailers, weekenders, cruisers, and racers.  The kind of sailing yacht that is right for you will be determined by your goals and desires.

If you are looking for a boat to enjoy on a daily basis but aren't planning to take overnight trips, a day sailer is perfect.  Day sailers are usually less than 20 feet in length and have no cabins.  They are usually equipped with a retractable keel or centerboard.

Those interested in taking short trips in their sailing yacht will find that a weekender will do the trick.  Weekenders, which are generally less than 30 feet in length, have twin keels that allow them to operate in shallow water.  Weekenders are equipped with a basic cabin that can usually sleep two or three people, and are perfect for two-day or three-day trips.

Cruising yachts fall into the 23-foot to 46-foot range, and with their balance of power, handling, comfort, and design, they are a great choice for sailors who want to have it all.  The cabin below often has several rooms, making it comfortable for families.  Most cruisers have large freshwater tanks, and are designed to travel thousands of miles.

Racing yachts are designed for the sportsman.  They have wide beams and flat bottoms, and can attain speeds up to 40 miles per hour.  Since racing yachts are built for speed and not comfort, accommodations tend to be very basic.  Of course yacht races vary, and so do racing yachts.  Some yachts are designed to cover only a few miles, while others are designed to race long distances.

Sailing Yacht Manufacturers

  • Beneteau
    1313 West Highway 76
    Marion, SC 29571
    Sailing and motor yachts for fishing and pleasure.
  • Bennett Brothers Yachts
    1701 J.E.L. Wade Drive
    Wilmington, NC 28401
    This custom boat builder offers a wide range of boats ranging from catamarans and sportfishing vessels to custom sailboats and yachts.
  • Cabo Rico Custom Yachts
    2258 S.E. 17th Street
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
    Offers a selection of sailing yachts, cruising sailboats, sportfishers, and unique motorsailers.
  • Caliber Yacht
    4551 107th Circle North
    Clearwater, FL 33762
    Manufactures seagoing yachts designed to meet the requirements of seamen and serious cruising sailors.
  • Catalina Yachts
    21200 Victory Boulevard
    Woodland Hills, CA 91367
    Offers a full range of well-designed, family oriented sailing yachts.
  • Covey Island Boatworks
    2 River Road
    Petite Riviere, NS B0J 2P0
    Builds custom hand-crafted sailing yachts and power boats in the 30' to 80' range.
  • Gozzard Yachts
    197 Huckins Street
    P.O. Box 373
    Goderich, ON N7A 4C6
    This Canadian firm offers semi-custom sailing yachts and motor yachts.
  • Hinckley Company
    130 Shore Road
    Southwest Harbor, ME 04679
    Features durable, New England style powerboats and sail boats.
  • Marlow-Hunter
    Route 441
    P.O. Box 1030
    Alachua, FL 32616
    Premier builder of state-of-the-art recreational sailboats.
  • JBoats
    557 Thames Street
    P.O. Box 90
    Newport, RI 02840
    Builder of high-end, performance-oriented sailboats and sailing cruisers.
  • Morris Yachts
    Grandville Road
    P.O. Box 396
    Bass Harbor, ME 04653
    Produces semi-custom sail and power yachts with a reputation for luxury, performance, and value.
  • Oyster Marine
    5 Marine Plaza
    Goat Island
    Newport, RI 02840
    Designs and builds award-winning sailing yachts and powerboats.
  • Pacific Seacraft
    1301 East Orangethorpe Avenue
    Fullerton, CA 92831
    A foremost designer and builder of sailing yachts and motoryachts.
  • Sabre Yachts
    Hawthorne Road
    Box 134
    South Casco, ME 04077
    Hand crafts quality sailboats and motor yachts using cutting-edge design and traditional boat building skills.
  • Tartan Yachts
    One High Tech Avenue
    Painesville, OH 44077
    Builds traditional sailing yachts using modern processes and advanced materials.

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Sailing Yachts